Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Send something to the Concordia crew!

How to send a letter to Antarctica:

Much like future astronauts stranded on an alien world outpost, the crew of Concordia will be isolated completely from the rest of the world for 9 months (February to November 2014). A great morale boost for today's astronauts on the International Space Station are packages sent "up" from Earth by relatives and friends. They usually contain letters, personal things, mementos, wishes and more.

If you wish to send a letter or a package to the Concordia crew in Antarctica, write the address as follows:

District de Terre Adelie
M Golemis Adrianos (or the name of the person you want to reach) CONCORDIA
                VIA ORLY C.T.C. OM

Please note: Always remember to write “PAR AVION” (=by airplane) at the exterior of your envelope.

Important note: If you want to send a package or letter to Concordia, it will only be delivered if you send it to the above address till 20 November 2013 at the very latest (that means, soon)! After that it is too late for airplanes and raid vehicles to bring the mail to Concordia. It will usually take 2 months to arrive.

If you plan to send a package, not only a letter, please limit the contents to a maximum of 7 kg. The prices to ship from France are much higher for packages than for letters, around 60 euros for 5 kg and 80 euros for 7 kg.

Please remember not to include food or herbs (actually anything alive!) as the Antarctic Treaty forbids it. Also better to avoid guns, drugs and nuclear weapons on this peaceful continent!

* The date of this post is not the actual date of posting. Crew selection had not occurred in May.

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