Monday, 1 April 2013

Make a call to the end of the world!

How to call Concordia Station, Dome Circe, Antarctica:

Bored? Lonely? In need for a conversation with someone ~10000 km away?
Or just got a friend at the world's end and caring to hear some news?

In that case, you can call us at Concordia Station, tel. number: 0039 081 7723 681.
Please pay attention to the time difference (Concordia operates at GMT+8, without daylight saving)!

In some occasions, the base is too busy, so better to check before via e-mail when it is a good time to call, in order to find to the person you want to reach.

Also, Concordia is so remote that the only way to call is via Iridium satellite receiver. Thus, roaming can be a bit expensive (~1 euro per minute), so take pen and pencil and plan well what you want to say!

Other forms of communication:
Please note: Internet is very limited at Concordia Station, especially November to February.

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* The date of this post is not the actual date of posting. Crew selection had not occurred in April.

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